Transportation Card
If you don’t want to waste your time purchasing single tickets for every ride, you can choose a transportation card instead: T-Money or Cashbee. Most types of public transportation such as buses, subways and taxis are applicable. It is easy to buy and reload at most of convenience stores and ticket windows. If you choose to purchase a transportation card, you will be able to enjoy transfer discounts as well! (the number of discounts and transfer time is limited).
Subways serve as a convenient means of transportation, probably the most favored public transportation by both Koreans and international visitors. The nearest subway stations from the campus are Sinchon Station (Line 2), Daeheung Station (Line 6) and Sogang Univ. Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line). The fares vary according to the distance you travel; therefore, make sure to have enough balance on your card, unless you purchase a single journey ticket to a specific destination at a ticket window or a vending device.
City buses provide an easy way to reach any destination, with special colors or numbers to designate each route. However, it is hard to estimate the exact time of arrival during rush hour. Express (Gosok) and Intercity (Sioe) buses are the most popular way to get from region to region. The extensive network of express and intercity buses offers a comfortable and convenient way to get to and from even the smallest towns in Korea.
Taxis are plentiful, clean, safe, and comparatively inexpensive in Korea. They can be found at taxi stands in most busy city areas or hailed on the street. There are also certain taxis that can be requested by phone; however, the fare is slightly higher than regular taxis. An increasing number of taxi drivers nowadays speak some English, which may prove extremely useful for first-time visitors.