Academic Policy
Class Requirements
FA System
Sogang University has a policy known as the FA (Failure because of Absences) System, which requires students to be present for a minimum number of classes in order to pass a course. In order to receive credits, students are required to participate in at least 80% of the total class hours. (Three tardies are equivalent to one absence.) The grade for the course in which a student receives an FA will be recorded as FA. The student who receives an FA will be removed from the class list and will not be able to receive any credit for the course.
Attending lectures is the student's basic right and responsibility. The teaching assistant checks attendance at the beginning of class. A student who comes within 10 minutes of the beginning of class is considered tardy, and after 10 minutes, absent. A student who leaves the classroom during the class session is also counted as absent. Three tardies are counted as one absence.
Course Availability
If a course fails to reach a minimum of eight registered students, or the professor is unable to conduct the course due to extenuating circumstances, the course may be canceled. In the event that your class is canceled due to this policy, please consult the SISP coordinator immediately regarding alternative course registration.
Students in the program will receive academic credits upon successful completion of the course requirements. Credits may be transferred to the students' home universities at their discretion. We advise students to consult with an academic official counselor at their home university about transferring credits before applying to the program.
Academic Transcript
Students will receive 2 copies of the official transcript. One is officially sealed and the other is not. Students will be able to receive the transcripts approximately one month after the program ends. If students require transcripts to be sent to a designated or specific address different from the one on the application form, please let the SISP coordinator know before the end of the program. If not notified, SISP will mail the transcript to the address printed on the application form. If students require additional copies, please email or We will forward your email to "One Stop Service Station" at Sogang University, which will provide a detailed explanation on how you can wire transfer postal charges and when you can receive the transcript after the payment has been completed.