Voltage Converter
Electricity in South Korea is 220 volts.
If your appliances do not accept 220 volts at 60 hertz,
you will need a voltage converter.
Outlets in South Korea generally accept only one type of
plug with two round pins.
First-aid medicine
First-aid medical supplies such as digestive medicine,
antidiarrheal medicine, headache remedies, etc.
may be needed.
Rooms in the Gonzaga Dormitory are not
equipped with toiletries.
We recommend you prepare your own commodities
for the first few days, such as paper towel,
body wash, shampoo, etc. You can also buy some of
the items in the supermarkets or convenience stores near Sinchon.
The Gonzaga Dormitory does not provide
bedding such as pillow, blanket, and mattress cover.
Therefore, these items will need to be purchased
in Korea or brought from home.
You can also borrow these materials from
Sogang’s bedding agency.